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Purchasing your own domain > Have us control your email

Note: If you purchase your domain through BytePages during the site-order process, the following does not apply to you.

If you decide to purchase your domain yourself through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, Bulk Register, Network Solutions, etc., instead of purchasing your domain through BytePages, then you will need to change your settings within your domain account there. This is so that your purchased-domain points at our web server where your site's files will reside. There are two options for how this will be done, depending on whether you want us to host your domain-based email accounts, or if you want to purchase your domain-based email accounts elsewhere.

If you are going to have BytePages host your domain-based email, then you must change your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings with your registrar. When your site is ready to go live, we will give you the settings you'll need.

We have additional help available for these popular registrars, with screen shots. If you are using a different registrar, please let us know. We will try to give you addtional help. Meanwhile, follow the links below as a general guideline.

These screens are for when we will be hosting your email. Please click on the link that corresponds to your registrar:

• GoDaddy
• Bulk Register
• Network Solutions

Note: The screen shots found on these pages may look different than what you currently see at these registrars, as they change their content and layouts occasionally.


This tutorial website is designed to assist our bytePages™ customers in working with the byteEditor Content Management System they have on their sites.

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