RTV unique tabs

RTV Dealer Sites > Settings > Modules

These directions are for the Module features found on the RTV Dealer Sites only.

We have given you a simple image of the module placement. You have three different modules available to you. Put any of the three in any position, or deselect one or all to not use them by selected the "Choose One" default selection in the dropdown. Let's take a quick look at each of the module types.

Quick Search: Adding the Quick Search module allows your site's viewers to search through your tours from anywhere on your site. As you add more tours to your site, having a quick search feature can become very handy.

About Me: Use the About Me box to tell you viewers a little bit about who you are, on every page of your site. There is a separate tab in your management menu for editing this About Me module's content. This module page is only concerned about its placement.

Featured Tours: If you plan to feature more than two or three tours, then you should make this one Module 3 so it stands alone on the right side. Add featured tours just by golng into your tour Gallery Management link and checking the tours you want to feature.



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