We have given you a simple image of the module placement, which shows you how many modules you have available to you. Put any of the modules in any position, or deselect one or all to not use them, by selecting the "Choose One" default selection in the drop-down.

The following module descriptions pertain to bytePages template sites only. The RTV Dealer Modules and the RTV Agent Modules are found elsewhere in these Help Docs.

BytePages Module Options:

Sidebar: IIf you place content in your Sidebar management tab, it will go on every page of your site in the position you select for this module. If you do not place this module in either position, then your Sidebar content will not display. Also, if you do not place content in your Sidebar management tab, this module will not display either, even if you select a placement for it here.

Unique Sidebar: Position this module where you want the content of the Box Header and Box Description (located at the bottom of each individual Manage Content page). If you choose to not place content in a page's Box fields, then this module will not show up on that page. If you do place content into a page's Box fields, then that unique content will display in the location you've placed this module in, on that page only.


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