Changing your domain settings

When we have your site ready to go live, we will send you an email giving you the basic information about making the changes to your domain settings.

This help document describes the various different scenarios that may affect how we instruct you to set up your domain settings:

If your domain is a brand new domain, never used before for a past website 

...and you DO NOT want a domain-based email account through us:

Then you have an existing DNS host through your domain registrar (GoDaddy, register,com, etc.), so to make your site live you will simply have to point your web records at the IP adress we give you in the email instructions.  Additional help can be found here if you need it: Hosting your own DNS

...and you DO want a domain-based email account through us:

Then to get the ball rolling, we need you to start by moving your domain over to our domain name servers. Go into your domain registrar (GoDaddy, register,com, etc.), and change the first two domain name servers to the domain name servers we will email to you (leave any others blank). If you need help with changing your DNS please visit:  Have us control your DNS


If your domain is currently being used on your old site

We will set up your new BytePages site with a temporary development domain. We do this so you can then transfer the content from your old site to your new site before we then replace your old site with the new one permanently. Your temporary domain is formatted like this:

We will send emailed instructions how to access the development domain and manage its content. Once you have all the content copied over from the old site to the new, we send you instructions regarding making the changes decribed above at your domain registrar so that your developement site becomes your live site instead.


This tutorial website is designed to assist our bytePages™ customers in working with the byteEditor Content Management System they have on their sites.

Go here if you would like to have a bytePages™ template site, with this Content Management System installed in it: bytePages.

Go here if you would like to convert your existing site, or to build a new custom website as a self-manageable site using our proprietary Content Management System (byteEditor):
Byte Productions.