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These directions are for the Listing features found on the RTV Agent Sites only.

If you've taken the step to add your Realtor ID number at the bottom of the Settings page, then you should see all the listings you have in your RTV account on this Listings management page.

These listings display with your most recent listings at the top, as they do on your site. You have the ability to Feature a listing in your Featured listings Module simply by checking the 'Featured?' box next to the listing. You can also hide listings from displaying on your site by checking the 'Hidden?' box. If your listing is not mapping on Google Maps correctly, then that means you have incomplete address or mapping information in your listing found in your TMS account. To edit any of these imported listings, you need to log into your TMS account and edit them there. If you want then to see those edits right away on your website, just hit the 'Refresh from RTV' button at the top of this page in your management section. Your listings will automatically refesh nightly whether you hit the Refresh from RTV button or not.

Adding non-RTV Listings or Slideshows

Click the 'Add' button at the top of the management page.

You must input the listing information and save it before you can add a thumbnail photo or multiple photos, so ignore the Photo button at first.

If you have one, input the listing URL or the URL to your slideshow. When a viewer clicks on the listing in your listings page this link will open in a new window, just the way the RTV tours open for your imported listings. You can also create your own slideshow of photos with this listing if you don't have a listing link to add.

View the Demo Use this form to input the descriptive text for the listing. Make sure you provide the mapping information for the listing so it will show up properly on the Google Map page. Watch this movie if you don't know how to get the Longitude and Latitude for the property. We show how it's done using Google Maps. To get the menu displayed in the movie Cntl-click (windows) or Command-click (mac) on the icon shown there.

As usual, remember to save the new listing before you leave the page.

Once you have saved your listing, now you can add photos to it. Click the Photos button at the top of the form. Follow the directions to upload one thumbnail photo if you entered a listing or slideshow URL, or multiple photos if you want to create your own slideshow. For your own slideshow, you can sort order the photos as you like, and provide a caption for each photo. When someone views this listing on your listings page, instead of being able to click through to a virtual tour, the viewer will click through into your slideshow of these photos.


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