Adding new pages

The 'Define New' button > Display content?

You can find this field by clicking the 'Define New' button for a new page, or the 'Define' button for an existing page.

The Display Content toggle is strictly for the purpose of displaying the page in your site's navigation or not. Toggling this to off does not mean the page does not exist. It's there, and can be linked to, but it can't be navigated to through your site. This can be useful for two purposes.

First, you may have a page that is under development, but not ready for your site viewers to see. Toggle to No, so you can work on it and view it, but no one else can see it unless you give them the link.

Remember on the 'Title' page how we explained that the URL is created from the title you first give the page? That's how you will determine what the link is to view that page, if it is set to not display. It will be the title you gave it with dashes, instead of spaces between the words, following right after your domain. Just as we showed in the example above. If this proves too difficult, just toggle YES, and go to your site to see what link the CMS gave the page. Then go back and toggle NO to work further on the page.

The second option for using the Display Content toggle is if you have a page that you only want to link to somewhere in the body of your copy on your site. Maybe one of your pages summarizes something and you want to give your viewers the opportunity to view the long description, but you don't necessarily want that long description to display in your navigation. Your text would say something like this, "View the user's manual for this product." User's manual would link to a page where you've placed all that content on, but that does not show up in your site's navigation.


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