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Note: If you purchase your domain through BytePages during the site-order process, the following does not apply to you.

If you decide to purchase your domain yourself through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, Bulk Register, Network Solutions, etc., then you will need to change your settings within your domain account there. This is so that your purchased-domain points at our web server, where your site's files will reside. There are two options for how this will be done, depending on whether you want us to host your domain-based email accounts, or if you want to purchase your domain-based email accounts elsewhere.

If you have chosen to host your domain-based email accounts elsewhere, there are two scenarios regarding pointing your domain to your site files on the BytePages servers: 1) you manage your own settings in your domain registrar account via some web control panel, or 2) you need to contact someone who manages your domain records to make the changes.

By using one of these two methods, you can purchase your domain-based email accounts right through your domain registrar, or through another email provider, but you will forfeit the one free email account provided through BytePages.

Scenario #1: If you have a control panel in your domain registrar account, access to your records may have different names at different registrars: "modify dns records," "edit your dns settings," or something similar. If you own the domain, but do not already have a website yet, you will need to "create a new record." If you do have a website, and are getting rid of it and transferring your domain to your new BytePages template site, you will need to "modify existing records." In either case, you will want to modify the numeric values for the fields labeled 'www' and '@'. The value you want for these fields will be given to you by email when your site is ready to go live.

Once that value has been changed, make sure that you have saved the record. Some registrars will say it may take between 24-36 hours for your changes to become effective.

Scenario #2: If you need to contact someone who manages your domain for you, send them an email stating that you need them to "modify your DNS records for 'www' and '@'."

Below is an example of what you want to say to them. Just copy and paste the letter below into an email to your tech support person at your domain registrar (replace the x's in the two lines below with the IP address we will give you).


Dear Tech Support:

I am moving my web records to a new provider and we are requesting that you modify our existing zone file. The values that we need changed are:

@ IN A
www IN A

If either of the two values above is a CNAME that points to the other, please leave it in place and only change the one record.

Please do not change any other values; only the two listed above.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Once they have notified you that they have made the changes, your domain will then point to the BytePages servers, and your website should be live.



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