All of your company contact information, tagline, logo, header image, social links, etc. go on this page. Let's start at the top.

1Input your company name and address at the top. Whatever you put here will show up in miscellaneous places on your site. Usually the address etc. is just in the top bar and your company name goes in the copyright field at the bottom. Inputting your email does not mean that it will show up on your site. That's never a good idea! Spambots search the web for email addresses on websites. We use your email address only to contact you for site issue purposes.

2The Header Slogan (a.k.a. Header Bar Title on the Templates/Site Colors page) gets splashed across the top area of your site in large letters. "BytePages Help Docs" above is a Header Slogan on this site. If your logo does not clearly state your company name, then you should use this Header Slogan for your company name. Otherwise it can be used for a tagline. The Header Description (a.k.a. Header Bar Sub-Title on the Templates/Site Colors page) is slightly smaller text right below the Header Slogan, maybe for a secondary tagline. See "Learn about how you Content Management System can work for you" above. If your logo is self-explanatory, or large across the top, then just leave these fields blank.

3Upload your Logo anytime you want. For branding purposes, it's probably not a good idea to change it often, but if you want to upgrade it, go ahead. There are size constraints poste,d so try to resize the image prior to uploading it, or it may get distorted in resizing it over the server. Also, try to save your logo as a .gif or .png file so it has a transparent background. That way the background behind it will show through and your logo won't be hanging out there in a white box. If you can't remove the background, consider placing a white header color behond it to mask the white background of your logo.

4Most of the templates use a Header Image. Read the description on this settings page to determine which templates do not use a header image. Again, there are size contraints. Please resize your image prior to uploading it. 

5Link to your favorite Social Website. You asked for it. Here it is! Put your personal web address from the appropriate social site next to its icon here. Whichever icons you place a web address next to will then show up in the very top bar on the top left of your site, and will link to the respective pages.

Always remember to save the page when you've made any changes to it.


This tutorial website is designed to assist our bytePages™ customers in working with the byteEditor Content Management System they have on their sites.

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