Organic resources

Here's some great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources that might help you when you decide to customize the content of your site:

Google makes a great, free Keyword Tool that you can use to help discover the keywords that would work well for your site.

Because your site is brand new it can take weeks, months, and maybe even years before Google will recognize its value. It is a good idea to keep the content of your site current. If Google goes to your site and sees that content has changed since the last time they were there, they will come by more often. If you start watching the progress in Google Analytics you'll see the gradual progression in search engine popularity.

Keep your site links current. The more valuable links you can put there, the better. Put links to the service providers, product companies, etc., that you work with, and ask them to put a link to your site on their sites. Incoming links weigh more with search engines than outgoing links. It's all about them being able to find you, and the more relevant sites that link to you, the better.


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