Adding new pages

The 'Define New' button > Content Types > Menu Spacer

You can find the Content Type by clicking the 'Define New' button for a new page, or the 'Define' button for an existing page.

The Menu Spacer is the easiest of the content types to set up. As a matter of fact, you've probably already done it when you set up your site's structure.

Take a quick look at the sample site outline again, shown below. The line items we classified as Menu Spacers are the green line items. Specifying the item as a menu spacer and assigning it to a parent item is all you need to do.

The Menu Spacer is not a page, so there is no content. It is simply a way to assist in segregating your site outline into understandable groupings. In our sample site outline we show 'About Us' and 'Products' as Menu Spacers. You can use them to expand out the navigation on your site into the direction you want to go, but clicking on them does nothing.

Sample Site Outline

  1. Home
  2. About Us
    1. Staff
    2. Our History
    3. Company News
  3. Products
    1. Hats
    2. Gloves
    3. Scarves
    4. Shoes
    5. Rain Gear
    6. Beach Wear
    7. Accessories
  4. Contact Us

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