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byteEditor™ Help Docs

Learn about how your Content Management System can work for you

This tutorial website is designed to assist our bytePages™ customers in working with the byteEditor Content Management System they have on their sites.

Go here if you would like to have a bytePages™ template site, with this Content Management System installed in it: bytePages.

Go here if you would like to convert your existing site, or to build a new custom website as a self-manageable site using our proprietary Content Management System (byteEditor):
Byte Productions.

Email help

If BytePages will be hosting your domain-based email (example: yourname@yourdomain.com) along with your website, then this help section pertains to you. Our secure web browser-based email log-in can be found at: https://webmail.bytepro.net.

You can use the web mail program to send and receive messages, change your password and set vacation messages.

You can also use your favorite email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, etc. You will need to set up your POP and SMTP server settings. See the troubleshooting link below for full directions to set up your email account in each of the most popular email programs on your desktop, phone, etc.

Email System

Server Configuration Settings:

Server Type Server Name Port
POP3 with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 995
IMAP with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 993
SMTP with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 465


Need help setting up or troubleshooting your email on your desktop or phone?