File naming guidelines for the Web

Following are some suggested guidelines for naming your Web pages, or files you upload to the Web (like photos, pdf files, etc.). Every browser is a little different in how they "read" these files names, but these guidelines are quite consistent throughout.

  1. All uploaded file names should end in a consistent and standard suffix indicating the file's format (.jpg, .gif, .pdf, etc.).

  2. Web page names and folder names should contain only letters, digits, dashes, and underscores—no spaces, punctuation, or funny characters. This CMS system will replace any spaces you leave in page or folder names with dashes, but not so in image names or files you upload.

  3. We suggest using all lower case letters.

  4. The first character of a Web page or uploaded file name should be a letter.

  5. Use relatively short names that are indicative of the content of the page, file or image (preferably 32 characters or less, including the file suffix).





No # & % + * = @ ~ ^ $

No < > ( ) [ ] { } : ; ? !

No Other Unusual Characters



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