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The 'Manage Content' button > Add a unique sidebar

The RTV Dealer Sites and RTV Agent Sites do not have this feature... yet.

Have you noticed that each of these help screens have sidebar information in them? There are actually two different sidebar areas on this page. The top two paragraphs are consistent on every page of the site. Those are generated from the 'Sidebar' tab that was discussed under 'The management tabs' earlier.

The Edit page content outline is in the second sidebar area. That particular area can be edited from each page. So each page has the ability to have it's own unique content in its sidebar.

IMPORTANT: Even though you put content into this sidebar, it won't show up on your site unless you select a position for it in your 'Settings > Modules.' to position this sidebar, select 'unique sidebar' in one of the two drop-downs.

To add content to a page's unique sidebar, you would just need to add content in the "Box Header," "Box Sub Header," and/or "Box Description" at the bottom of that page's content management screen as shown here:

If you would like to place an image at the top of your unique sidebar content, you can upload an image under "Box Image" as shown above, as well.

As always, make sure you save your edits when you are done. If you leave the screen before saving, you will lose everything you have input.



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