Search engine submission

Go to these links and add your site:

When you submit your site to these, don't expect to immediately see it there in a search. You are just telling them to please go to your site and rank its relevancy. The most important one would probably be getting yourself listed in the Open Directory ( MANY search engines get their information from there, including Google (although they also gather it elsewhere). Don't keep resubmitting to these or they will think you're a spammer. Have patience. You can submit to search engines every month or so. But the Open Directory takes awhile. If you don't see yourself there, wait a few months before you try again.

On another note, If you decide to "verify" your site with Yahoo, Google, or Bing, they will provide you with meta tags to be placed in the head area of your site. you can paste those meta tags into the Metatag field on the 'Analytics' management page.

Lastly, another great idea for your local business would be to add a GeoURL to your site. Google uses these when people do a local search. Having this on your site will get you recognized.

Click 'Add your site' at the top and go through the process. When you get the code they give you, log in to your website's management section. You'll place this code in the same metatags field you found above.


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